TDIA is in the process of seeking feedback for its new plan for the next 1-5 years. What are your priorities and experiences?
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Zoom Into Downtown

Zoom in on Terrace Downtown Survey

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to fill in our Zoom in on Terrace Downtown Survey. We have had a broad cross section of respondents from teens to pensioners. Here are some excerpts from the surveys. Best Assets: George little Park, Farmer Market, New Mall improvements, small local shops and restaurants, George Little House, New brick sidewalks, Brolly Square, Tree plantings, Hanging baskets and the 4600 block

Over 80% of people said they take visiting friends and family to do outdoor activities including: fishing, hiking, golf, skiing or visiting Ferry Island, The Nass Valley, Farmers Market or one of our many nearby attractions. We asked respondents to list some of our Challenges: homeless people, public drunkenness, loitering, graffiti, and vagrant people hanging around the 4600 block. Appearance was also high on the list with: co-op lot, unsightly parking lots, Inn of the West-looks barren and awful, empty storefronts, rundown buildings. Only 12% cited parking as a problem or concern.

Some suggestions for Downtown Improvements: Stores open later, more downtown entertainment, covered walkways or awning to make the down town more walkable, more live music, sidewalk venders, open on Sundays, update older buildings, build a walkway from the Southside to Downtown, more dining options, update older murals, close the 4600 block to vehicle traffic, more benches outside of stores, encourage more local and unique boutique stores, more events to bring people into town and more things for teens to do so they are not hanging out on the streets.

With more than 130 surveys completed this is only a small sample of the responses to date. We are continuing to collect Surveys and input the results. Link to survey

The 20 Ingredients of an Outstanding Downtown

webinarThe heart and soul of every community, besides its people, is its downtown.

Over five years, we surveyed and visited 400 successful downtowns (big, small, urban and rural) throughout the U.S. and Canada to find the 20 most common ingredients that led to their success.

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Is your business experiencing a labour or skills shortage?


The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) will be offering a special Presentation & Facilitated Workshop in Terrace to understand employers needs and challenges in recruiting and retaining foreign workers as one of several solutions to help fill labour market shortages. This session is geared towards employers in the Northwest Region.

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  • 2003 Group of downtown business and property owners discuss possible activities and events for downtown promotion.
  • 2004 Street fair organized.
  • 2005 Street fair organized, chamber branding workshop with Tim McAlpine.
  • 2006 City Of Terrace Downtown Plan initiated and BIA concept introduced.
  • 2007 Downtown business owner attends annual BIABC conference with City Staff member.
  • 2008 BIA open houses held in May and November featuring a presentation from Jennifer Moore, past president of BIABC
  • 2009 TDIA Group moves towards registration as a society.
  • 2010 Open house held to present proposed goals, objectives and budget for a BIA.
  • 2011 TDIA Society registered with province of BC.
  • 2011 TDIA formally requests the council consider bylaw process to establish a BIA for downtown Terrace.
  • 2012 TDIA hold first AGM and first board is elected.