About TDIA

Located in the heart of the Northwest, Terrace Downtown Improvement Area strives to provide a vibrant, safe, accessible downtown core where residents and visitors will experience a pleasant, attractive place to shop, to work, and live.

It is our goal to foster Downtown Terrace as the heart and soul of our community; culturally diverse; rich in heritage and natural beauty; economically prosperous; a friendly and exciting place to be.

How did TDIA come about?

  • 2003: Concept of BIA was first discussed
  • 2006 - 2008: City developing Downtown Revitalization Plan, includes plan for BIA
  • 2009: TDIA incorporates as a society
  • 2011: request to City to establish Terrace BIA, bylaw was adopted for 5 years
  • 2012: TDIA starts operating in Terrace
  • 2016: request to renew bylaw for next 5 years

TDIA has over 300 members including property owners and their tenants.

TDIA Boundary