Facade Grant

Facade Grant 2019

Terrace Downtown Improvement Area (TDIA)
Façade Improvement Program 2019


The physical environment in which we live and work has a great effect on us. A community that is more appealing to the eye gives its citizens a greater sense of place and welcomes customers and visitors. The quality and character of the building facades on the main streets in the downtown area of any community is a powerful accelerant for economic development.

This program was made possible with the financial support of Northern Development Initiative Trust. The City of Terrace and the Terrace Downtown Improvement Area (TDIA ) are proud to offer this program to improve the character and physical appearance to retail and commercial buildings in the Terrace Downtown Improvement Area and to support the Downtown Revitalization efforts currently underway. The program guidelines are intended to set the eligibility and quality standards for the types of improvements that will be reviewed by the program staff.


The Terrace Downtown Improvement Area Facade Improvement Program will match dollar per dollar, a reimbursement grant up to a maximum of $5,000 per building/project to improve the facades of downtown buildings. The building must be located in the Terrace Downtown Improvement Area. Each building within the Improvement Area is eligible for the façade grant and once a building has been approved and the improvements completed, the building will not be eligible for future façade grants under this program. Projects must have a minimum total cost of $2,000 in order to qualify for the program.

General Guidelines

The Terrace Downtown Improvement Area Facade Improvement Program is primarily focused on the physical appearance of the buildings within the Terrace Downtown Improvement Area and their relationship to the street. The character and design of the building along with the businesses contained within attract shoppers both for goods and services that they provide, and for the experience of walking around an interesting and lively urban space.

  • Only retail and commercial businesses having a current business license will be eligible for the program.

Proponents are highly encouraged to follow the City of Terrace, Downtown Design Guidelines and best practices brochure. Proponents are also encouraged to align their developments with Smart Growth on the Ground principles found at www.smartgrowth.bc.ca Grants will be awarded considering the merit of design and impact on the streetscape as determined by the Project Review Committee.

Business Façade Improvement Guidelines

Eligible Applicants

  • You must be either the property owner or business owner (if the applicant is the business owner, the property owner must approve the application in writing and confirm that all
  • Improvements are to be paid for by the applicant);
  • All property taxes pertaining to the property are fully paid and current;
  • There must be a current, valid business licenses for the property (unless otherwise exempt);
  • There must be no outstanding building permits, stop work orders, or development permit

condition requirements outstanding; and

  • You have not received a previous grant under this program for the subject property.

Ineligible Applicants

  • Residential homes located in the designated commercial area are not eligible;
  • Municipally owned buildings (even if they have business tenants);
  • Properties outside the specified area (as defined in the community’s program guidelines);
  • Non‐operating business (the business must be in operation); and
  • Non‐profit organizations (tenants).

Eligible Façade Improvements

Eligible improvements may consist of but are not limited to:

  • Exterior lighting (new but not replacement)
  • Exterior architectural features
  • Exterior surfaces and details (decorative details, moldings, trims etc.)
  • Windows (only if part of larger enhancements, no stand‐alone window replacement)
  • New siding
  • Façade painting
  • Entrances and doorways (if part of larger enhancements)
  • Awnings
  • Signage (affixed to the building)
  • Murals

Ineligible Façade Improvements

The following improvements are ineligible:

  • Routine maintenance
  • Structural repairs
  • Roofs
  • Patios
  • Impermanent fixtures
  • Interior improvements
  • Any improvements not visible from the public right of way
  • Construction of additions, accessory buildings or new buildings
  • Any improvements that have been started prior to application approval

Eligible Costs / Expenses

  • Direct project labour costs
  • Design, architectural or engineering fees (related to facade only)
  • Contractor fees
  • Rental of tools and equipment
  • Project related materials and supplies

Ineligible Costs/ Expenses

  • Staff wages and/or benefits
  • Expenses related to improvement to the building not visible from the public right of way
  • Utilities (hydro, gas etc.)
  • Non‐permanent fixtures (benches, planters, patios, patio heaters etc.)
  • Landscaping
  • Paving
  • Fencing
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Equipment purchased
  • Duties
  • Shipping cost
  • Permit fees
  • Façade improvements expenses started prior to application approval

Design Drawings and Project Budget Estimate

In order to be eligible for this grant, the applicant must submit:

  • The ‘before’ picture(s) and a design drawing (front elevation) showing the ‘after’clearly showing the proposed improvements to allow the Project Review Committee the ability to evaluate the project.
  • A project budget estimate for the proposed project clearly delineating costs.

Designs need not to be done by a professional architect or designer, but it is strongly encouraged that the business/property owner seeks professional help, keeping in mind that that grants will be awarded based on merit of design and visual impact to the streetscape.
The objective of this program is to make significant improvements to the appearance of our downtown streetscape, even if it is just one building at a time. Should the Project Review Committee deem that the proposed project does not have a positive impact to the streetscape the applicationmay be denied.
Note: Tenants must receive written approval from Owners prior to moving forward with the façade improvements. A letter from the owner must accompany the application.

Project Review Committee/Selection Process

The Project Review Committee (PRC) will consist of 3 to 5 members from the community and shall be chaired by a Director from the TDIA. The committee’s primary responsibility is to review all applications, and approve or reject the applications which should be funded. The Project Review Committee will also be responsible for confirming verification of expenditures and that the project has been completed to according to the approved plans.

1. Owner/Tenant submits application with designs (and approval letter from owner if applicable) complete with ‘before’ pictures, and ‘after’ building elevation drawings of the facade to be improved.
2. City of Terrace planning department reviews application and proposed façade improvements
to ensure that improvements meet the Terrace Downtown Design Guidelines
3. The Project Review Committee makes a recommendation to accept or reject the application.
4. Approval or rejection of application is communicated to applicant by email or mailed letter.
5. For successful applications, a Letter of Understanding is sent to the applicant, which must be signed by the Tenant/Owner and the Project Review Committee
6. Tenant/Owner completes renovations.
7. Business/Owner must provide verification of expenditures with the following:

  • All copies of invoices or receipts
  • Copies of cleared Check/Bank Statements/Credit card statement’s confirming payment
  • Proof that the improvements have passed final inspection (if applicable)
  • Pictures of the completed facade improvement.

Note: Terrace Downtown Improvement Area (TDIA) Façade Improvement Program
cannot pay for expenditures without proper verification.
8. The Project Review Committee verify that that the facade improvements meet the terms as stated in the Letter of Understanding and provide confirmation to the Director of Finance.
9. The Director of Finance approves the reimbursement and cheque is issued to the project proponent.

Time Frame

Applications must be submitted and approved by the Project Review Committee PRIOR to the onset of the façade improvement project in order to be eligible to receive funding.
Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis as they are received and until the annual budget of the program has been allocated.

  • The Project Review Committee will accept applications till June 1, 2019. If at that time if the program has not been fully subscribed then another intake of new applications may take place.
  • Once a completed application is received, the Project Review Committee will send an email confirming receipt.
  • Completed application is received and reviewed by the Project Review Committee and a recommendation (to accept or decline) will be determined based on the grant criteria.
  • Once accepted, the Tenant/Owner has till November 1, 2019 to complete the project.
  • The TDIA may retain application information for reporting purposes including but not limited to: Amounts applied for, approved, and disbursed, value of project, before and after photos, project descriptions and community impacts, as well as testimonials from participating businesses.

The Project Review Committee will review all applications, determine eligibility of projects and make decisions on which projects should be funded. The Project Review Committee will be responsible to confirm the expenditures and that the project has been completed according to the approved plans.

1. Projects will be prioritized based on the following ranked criteria:
2. Conformance with the City of Terrace Design Guidelines.
3. Age and condition of building i.e. buildings in poor condition have greater likelihood of project approval.
4. Impact on streetscape.
5. Use of a professional designer/architect.
6. Located in Terrace Downtown Improvement Area

Appeal Process

In the event that an application is declined, the project proponent may request a meeting with the Project Review Committee to discuss the application with the purpose of:
a) Seeking input on the proposal in order to modify the application and meet the program
b) Provide additional information in order to seek reversal of the decision to decline the application.

Additional information

The City of Terrace may require development, building and or sign permits based on the extent of the improvements to be completed.

  • A development permit may be required for projects in the Terrace Downtown

Improvement Area

  • Building permits may be required for renovations. For additional information

regarding building permits please contact the City of Terrace at 250‐615‐4000

  • Sign permits are required as per the City of Terrace Sign Regulation Bylaw

The City of Terrace Downtown Design Guidelines can be found on the City of Terrace website, and are a comprehensive guide to the vision of our future Downtown.

Given the commitment to our community and a joint incentive between property owners, the Terrace Downtown Improvement Area (TDIA)and the City of Terrace to invest in our Downtown, the façade improvement program will achieve its objective of beautifying our streetscape for the benefit of all Terrace citizens and visitors.