The Clean Team

The TDIA is excited to partner with Northern Heath and other contributing partners: The City of Terrace, Kermode Friendship Society, TDCSS and Ksan Society to implement The Clean Team Project.

Some of the things you will soon see around town include a team of peers cleaning our downtown streets, (focusing mainly on safe needle cleanup), distribution and training on how to dispose needles safely, info on who to call and how to support those most vulnerable.

You will also see the installation of Safe Needle (Drop Box) Units in throughout downtown and the community.

Tackling Graffiti

TDIA has partnered with The City of Terrace to take action on tackling graffiti.

A new Graffiti Removal Program has been implemented and is designed for anyone whose business has been targeted by graffiti.

Upon request, a kit will be delivered to Business/Residential buildings which have been targeted with tagging/graffiti. This Program will be a positive first step in removing this problem quickly.

If you have been an unfortunate victim of graffiti and would like a Graffiti Kit please contact bylaw officer Dwayne Sheppard:

250-641-4037 as soon as possible.